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    Hi, my name is Clara. Welcome to my online portfolio!

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Navy News 02/14

Navy News is the bi-monthly magazine of the Republic of Singapore Navy. I oversee all issue of Navy News, from concept to print.


State of Change

Myanmar is a country in constant motion, and this is perhaps what makes it so beguiling.


The Crucible

Witch hunting drives the plot of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, and it’s a practice, director Rayann Condy opines, that is not as distant from our daily lives as we might think.


Potted Potter

Harry Potter was not dubbed “The Boy Who Lived” for nothing. Five years after JK Rowling concluded the series, the boy wizard lives on – in popular culture, fan fiction, and parodies like this one.

The Arabian Nights

The Arabian Nights, adapated for the stage by American playwright and director Mary Zimmerman, is a story about stories, a tapestry of Middle Eastern tales woven together in one woman’s valiant attempt to cheat death.

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The Children of Mabul Island

Mabul Island is a divers’ paradise, but it is also home to a village teeming with children. The island is their playground; the sea, their home. But even on tiny Mabul, there are socio-economic disparities, which I aimed to capture through the eyes of the children in this series of portraits.


The Tastier Way To Eat Right

Copywriting and photography I did for Fresh Healthy Cafe’s promotional materials.

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Excuse Me, Are You An Entertainer?

An interview with a contact juggler and Singapore’s first female professional clown. 

Taiwan 2

Wander-ful Taiwan: The Island Edition

Living the island life in Kinmen and Penghu, two island archipelagos off Taiwan. This is the third in a series of articles about wandering off the proverbial beaten track in Taiwan. 


River of Life: Exploring Okavango

Uncovering the waterways of Botswana’s Okavango Delta.


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